Winter can be a hard time for agents where business traditionally slows, and for some agents paychecks are scarce, especially for the newer agent. So what do we do to keep the pipeline full and keep our clients happy. Here are my top tips on how to spend the winter months moving your business forward.

1. Always Be Prospecting

This is a no brainer. You’ll hear from every coach in the business. Don’t take your foot off the gas, even during the slow months. You have to always be filling your pipeline with prospects. Remember, you’re always working three months behind, meaning what you do now, won’t pay off for another three months. So if you want to make your business in the spring, it’s time to get to work for the first two hours Monday to Friday, contact for people, you know, for people you don’t know, and follow up with rates. This will have a significant impact in your business contacts can come in the form of a phone call, email, my favorite video email or a text message, just to say hello and touch base with them.

2. Reach out to your past clients for referrals.

When you’re making those four contacts that I told you about in number one. Make sure that you ask your past clients for their referrals. Remember, if you don’t ask for the order you dramatically reduce the chances of receiving. This is sales 101 people.

3. Be active on social media.

Secret agents don’t get paid. Show your sphere that even though it’s winter, you’re still working in homes are still selling. If you need help, I put together a couple of downloads on my website which is calling to help you. I have 300 Instagram story ideas, as well as a social media content calendar, ready for you to download and it’ll make your life a whole lot easier and stop you from scrambling around trying to think, Oh my god, what am I going to post today. You can set it up, you can use some software that it’ll do it all automatically. What I like to do on social is I like on a Monday morning, after my prospecting is that I get all my posts done, set up and have them auto post, and I use Hootsuite for that. And so I set them all up for the whole entire week. And, you know, basically on a Monday I set about four hours aside to do that and have it all planned out, and then you’re done for the whole week. It’s awesome.

4. Increase your market spend to compensate for the increase in competition for leads.

Okay, you got to spend more money if and this is probably not what you wanted to hear in the winter months. However, with less prospects in the market, your competition for those leads will increase greatly, a way to ensure those leads come to you is to increase your budget. What I like to do is I run ads, such as Google ads, and I basically use that is a big billboard, and you click on that and it goes into a lead capture website which is what I use as KV core. KV core is the Cadillac of lead capture software. It’s awesome. Check it out.

5. Work on your relationship with top listing agents

Get social with agents, with all the prospecting, you’ll be doing. You want to have a leg up on listings that are coming to the market soon. Also, you never know. They may throw you some leads. That’s especially good if you’re a new agent, or you’re a buyer’s only agent is you got to know what’s coming on. And also, you know, if you’re in British Columbia, like myself, be cannot sell our own listings from Canada, why because we used to call it. So, We need to offload those prospects that are looking to buy our listing that we can’t serve so the newer agents, go to the more established listing agents and you never know you may end up with some really great leads.

6. Go the extra mile for every lead and client

Often during the busier times, we wish we had more time to do more for our clients. Well guess what, during the winter, you have that time. So get out there and deliver five star service to each and every client and prospect, it’ll pay off in future referrals and keep that pipeline falling year round because that’s what we’re after.

7. Focus on Safety.

If you’re like me, We live in an area that gets lots of snow. So, for your clients and your own safety, load up your car with the following supplies:

  • A snow shovel for if you get stuck
  • An ice scraper
  • Pocket hand warmers to offer the underdressed clients. How awesome would that be that’s we’re talking going the extra mile, when you know the the client, the buyer client doesn’t come prepared, and you’re able to hand them off and warmer, to keep warm.
  • Waterproof boots
  • Lock de-icer. Hand sanitizer can work as de-icer in a pinch as well, and right now, with the whole COVID thing going on everybody should have hand sanitizer in their car ready to go.
  • An extra set of gloves that you can offer your clients for years get wet for whatever reason, you can switch them out.
  • An extra warm scarf and an extra parka, you don’t know where you’re going to be. I do a lot of stuff in rural areas. And one of my fears is always getting stuck, or God forbid, get into an accident, and having those extra things with you. You know it may seem like overkill a little bit, but it’s better to be prepared.
  • Another thing on safety road flares, just in case you get into an accident,
  • A doormat for vacant listings. When you have a listing and nobody’s in the house, having extra doormats and something to put into the house for showings is fantastic because usually what you get is a bunch of people in in the doorway, taking off their wet boots taking off their wet jackets, things like that. Also, bring along a small broom and some plastic booties, just to clean up after yourself.
  • A waterproof case for my iPad, as well as one for my cell phone. Nothing is worse than a phone slipping out of your pocket and landing in the snow and rendering it dead.


I hope you found some value in this, to ensure that you have- I’ve created a little free bonus for you. If you’re like me, you like to make things fun. So I put together a little prospecting game, and it’s free free to download the idea of this game is each day, you want to score 100 points. So for each prospecting action. There are a certain number of points associated with it. So you choose which actions, you’re going to do that day. In order to score 100 points, when you hit 100 points for the day, you’re done. It’s perfect. You get it out of the way. In the morning, hit 100 points, you’ve done for the day. And make sure you reward yourself for a job well done because if you hit under points. Download it here:

Take care, and stay safe out there.