Join the movement of people who want to create epic change in their community.  



100 Heroes Prince George was founded in 2019, the brainchild and passion project of local REALTOR, Colin Breadner.

We are a group of hundreds of local people who care about our community and want to give back.  By coming together every quarter and donating $100 each to a collectively chosen local charity, we are truly making a difference.

100 Heroes is not a registered charity, we are simply a group of individuals and local change-makers who share a passion about our community.

“If you’re not making a difference in other peoples lives, you shouldn’t be in business. It’s that simple.” – Richard Branson

The PG Podcast

Host and founder, Colin Breadner, has a passion for connecting people and ideas.  Get to know some of the most brilliant minds in our city through engaging interviews with local business owners and entrepreneurs, who share their stories, ideas, and advice for others in this fascinating podcast.