Quiz: What’s Your Real Estate Agent Secret Sauce?

Discover what your real estate “secret sauce” is! What sets you a part and makes you stand out from other agents? What drives you? What unique assets do you have that benefit your ideal customers?

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About you:

You love to mingle, meet new connections, develop relationships, and grow your network. You treat your customers as though they were your friends, and would never lead them astray. Reputation means everything to you, and it’s important for you to have great referrals and a solid client base.

What makes you special in the eyes of your client:

They can count on you through thick and thin! They know they have someone who they can rely on in their corner, offering them the best advice, and never leading them astray. You make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable

Your ideal client:

You’re the perfect match for first time home buyers and new families, who are hesitant and nervous about the process. You make them feel reassured, comfortable, and in safe hands.

What you could work on:

Being a friend sometimes makes it hard to give your clients the hard truth, or maybe you’re just too nice and sometimes let people walk all over you. Next time the situation calls for it, you may have to jump outside of the friend zone for a moment and put on your no-nonsense realtor hat to get the job done.

Secret Sauce Type #2: THE CLASSY HIGH ROLLER

You elevate the class, style, and sophistication of every room you walk into! Your brand screams value and quality, and you live by that standard.

What makes you special in the eyes of your client:

Your client knows they’re getting nothing but the best from you. People like to be around you and are begging to work with you so that some of your high quality can rub off on them and their listing! You have exquisite taste and a keen eye for style that your clients can draw from when deciding on their dream home.

Your ideal client:

You’re the perfect match for clients looking for vacation properties, luxury condos, and million dollar mansions. You have an eye for taste and style and can help your clients distinguish between high value and overpriced.

What you could work on:

Be careful coming off as too snobby or aloof. Some of your ideal clients may not appreciate an “in your face” or braggart personality. Instead, try to be a little more understated and relatable, rather than out of touch glam.

Secret Sauce Type #3: THE HEROIC HUSTLER

“Deal” is your middle name! You thrive on the excitement of the hustle and love to work, because the hustle never sleeps, nor do you. You are on your way to creating an empire for yourself, and will stop at nothing until you get there.

What makes you special in the eyes of your client:

When it comes to getting your client their offer accepted or listing sold at the right price, you are the king or queen of the deal! Look out other agents, because when you are in your clients corner, they can expect to get exactly what they want.

Your ideal client:

You are best suited to work with the investment buyers and sellers, looking for rental properties, commercial units, or complete flips. You know that as a business owner, they have a bottom line and their profit is what matters, and you can help them get the best bang for their buck!

What you could work on:

You tend to be a little bit old-school in your ways, and haven’t fully accepted technology for its full benefits! Social media and digital marketing will help you to take the next step in growing your empire. Not saying you need to be another Kardashian taking selfies on Instagram, but embracing the platforms to show your audience who you really are under that hustler persona will leave people begging to work with you!

Secret Sauce Type #4: THE SAVVY MAGICIAN

You’ve always got an ace up your sleeve! A true jack of all trades, and master of all skills, you are the one your clients reach out to whenever they need good advice. Helping your clients is at the centre of what you do, and you would never want them to miss out on an opportunity or drop the ball. Presto! Their dream realtor is here!

What makes you special in the eyes of your client:

You have an uncanny ability to forsee potential problems and think outside the box with solutions which your clients love! While some agents might miss a crucial detail or not be able to see the potential in a property (like how the city plans to build a sewage treatment plant in the area or how tearing that one wall down totally changes the feel of the room), you have a knack for getting your clients the inside information and big picture ideas that they love.

Your ideal client:

You are a true magician and can change hats to work with just about any type of client! With an investor you can run the numbers and show them the value. With a family you can give them advice on how to stage and market their home to get top dollar. With a first time buyer you can break down and address every one of their concerns.

What you could work on:

Perfectionist? Work-a-holic? Control issues? Do these sound like you? Maybe it’s time to let go of the thought of having to have the answer every single time. Your clients trust you and know that if you don’t have the answer right now, you can find it for them later. Don’t let the fear of being vulnerable or judged stop you from putting your real self out there, in person or on social media, to grow your audience. You have a stellar reputation and your audience is begging to see the real side of you!

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