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Great Real Estate Marketing is at the Core of What I Do

My mission is always to put the most money in my client's pockets as I possibly can. I believe this is achieved through great marketing. The more eyes that are on a property, means that the likely hood of finding that one Buyer that values the property the highest, will be realized.
We live in a era where there is so many marketing tools and platforms at our fingertips, then why do so many agents still only place a sign on the lawn, place the listing on MLS and pray that it sells?
If you're looking for more, we need to talk. I have marketing packages to suit all ranges of budgets.

54930 Jardine Loop Road

One of the most watched videos I have made. This property was a little Cottage on a lake. Within hours of posting this on social media, I had over 1000 views and many phone calls from all over the area. The key to great marketing is to be creative so people will actually watch the video.

The Realtor and The Designer

The Key to audience engagement is creating content that they will actually watch. Here my wife, Bailey, and I created an HGTV style series called The Realtor and The Designer. We have had thousands of views of this video across social media and many people asking for more episodes.

309 Patterson St. N.

This was an interesting sale. The home was a very sought after property; 3 Beds up, 2 Bedroom Suite down and a large detached shop. We knew it would sell quick. We under priced it on purpose to drive up the sale price through a multiple offer situation. We held off offers for a week, had thousands of views of this video, and ended up selling for $37,500 over list price. A Great success for my clients.

You Sell

You've got a buyer, worked out the details, and need someone to do all the paperwork

  • Professionally Executed Contracts
  • Professional Conveyancing Instruction
  • Communicate between all parties
  • Low Flat Fee

For the budget conscious Seller

  • Full MLS Listing
  • For Sale Sign
  • Posted on Multiple Social Media Platforms