YouTube for Real Estate Agents in 2022

Video has become one of the most powerful marketing tools currently on the internet. Video adds another dimension and personality to your listings and to your brand.

Creating videos on YouTube is a great way to build your reputation authority as a real estate professional, share your perspective and not to mention improve your search ranking in Google and ultimately, create leads for yourself. 

Why Should Agents Be On YouTube? 

Well, here are three good reasons. 

Reason number one, YouTube is owned by Google and is considered the second largest search engine behind only their parent company. 

Reason number two, the YouTube platform is very reliable for streaming video. This is very important in our short attention span the world 

Number three, Google knows that it’s harder to create a video than written words so they rank the video differently when computing the web page rankings. 

Optimizing Your Channel 

Remember, your YouTube channel is an extension of your brand. So don’t skimp or skip out on details. Your channel needs to look as good as your main web page. Now at the top of your channel, you’re allowed a banner and a profile. Hire a professional designer to create these for you so that it echoes your overall branding, make sure that you use video thumbnails also that are congruent with your overall brand as well. 

Now another optimizing hack is that there is no such thing as oversharing your contact info. Don’t make it difficult for someone to call you or email you. It doesn’t pay to be a secret agent in our line of work. Your contact info should never be more than one way. So make sure it’s in the YouTube both section as well as in the details of every video that you post. 

Creating a Content Plan for YouTube

Now, it’s important to have a vision of what you want your channel to achieve. You must have a long term vision for this. You have to be consistent with your production video length graphics, like I mentioned earlier, and your value proposition success won’t happen overnight. So consistency is key. The best way to go about this is first to figure out your subject matter and what will best serve your ideal client. Then you want to zero in on the intricacies of each type of video. 

Types of Videos to Create

  1. How To videos.
    These are videos that explain and highlight tasks that every buyer or seller need to know about things like mortgage or the buying process, or setting an asking price and how to get a home ready to sell such as staging. These videos will position you as a convenient resource. 
  1. Market updates.
    Buyers and sellers want to know what’s going on in their market is a good time to sell or buy also, is there anything like employment opportunities that are coming up that may affect the market these videos will make you look like you have the pulse of the city at your fingertips and also position yourself as the go to professional for real estate.
  1. Interviews.
    Become the digital mayor of your city. Chat with the people that have interesting stories to tell or backgrounds or have a certain knowledge about your city. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to others and expand your sphere of influence.
  2. Listing videos.
    Probably the most common for agents, show others what you do and position yourself as the agent that they should hire.
  3. Neighborhood Overviews
    They’re a great way to attract buyers that are moving to your city. Now, almost everyone starts their home buying or relocation journey with a good old Google search. So why not be the agent who they see talking about the different areas of your city? 

Optimizing Your Videos

First off, you need to create captivating headlines that both get found on a search engine at SEO and also inspire someone to click on them. Head to Google Adwords Keyword Planner or one of the other countless keyword research tools that are out there to identify which terms are the most applicable to your videos and overall marketing strategy. 

Another optimization hack is to add cards to your video cards are a way to add annotations to your videos in stream like this. You can either create a call to action for the viewer to watch another video or create a link to external content. This goes back to having a concrete real estate content marketing strategy to support your YouTube channel such as Instagram, or perhaps block. 

Thumbnails are really important. For those that don’t know what a thumbnail is. It’s the image that appears in your video list. The thumbnail you create should entice somebody to watch your video as well as conveyed with the video is above. Have a look at our team’s channel. You can see the consistency of our brand in the channel, as well as how our thumbnails create a sense of interest for the user.

I believe that in 2022 your YouTube channel should be the focus of your content marketing strategy, and then create micro content from those videos to be displayed on your other social platforms. 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please feel free to drop them down below and I’ll happy to answer them for you! 

  • Colin